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Etched Pixels / Ultima N Gauge Catalogue 2018 Devon Belle

The Devon Belle coach kit consists of a 3D printed shell with pre-holed roof for detail fitting, separate 3D printed floor with battery box and other detail, 3D printed cowling and front buffer beam, 3D printed reservoir tanks, etched buffers for the gangway end, white metal dynamo and gangway. Etched trusses and overlay parts are provided for the battery boxes, and gangway.

To complete this kit you will also need a pair of bogies and a set of vinyl overlays which are being prepared by Electra Railway Graphics. If there is sufficient interest we will also be preparing etched sides and end overlays.

The final price for the kit (excluding any vinyls from Electra) will be £24.95.

For pictures of the kit in progress and more information please see the N Gauge Forum discussion.

Pre-ordering now closed.