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Etched Pixels / Ultima N Gauge Catalogue 2021 Scenic Detailing

DET03: Modern Style Computer Period: 9 : Out of stock, £1.00

Fold up etch to produce four front visible and four rear visible modern computer displays with keyboard. Designed to fit counters, booking areas and be visible through building windows.

DET17: Six Arched Windows In stock, order, £3.50

Six arched windows, based on the windows at Hawes Junction Methodist Church, Garsdale.

DET51: Sash windows Period: : Out of stock, £3.00

Pack of six 10mm x 6mm 2 by 3 panel sash windows.

DET20: Wheelchair Ramps Period: 9 : In stock, order, £2.00

A pair of wheelchair ramps. These can be built either deployed or folded in storage. Contains small and fiddly parts.

DET26: Set Of Noticeboards In stock, order, £1.20

Four fold up standalone noticeboards in the style used for things like newspaper headlines, plus two wall mounted.

DET27: Iron Bridge Decorative Fence Discontinued, £1.20

Four lengths of iron bridge style fencing 98mm long and 4.5mm high. Based upon the bridge over Foregate Street, Worcester.

DET46: Catenary Base Risers (Ten Pack) Discontinued, £3.50

Pack of ten polished 3D printed catenary bases to match Dapol catenary posts and similar. Raises the post 5mm to allow for ballast etc, and/or provide additional clearance for things like the Kato Eurostar.

UM292: Traffic cones (ten pack) Out of stock, £1.50

Ten pack of UK standard pattern 750mm traffic cones

DET48: GWR Milk Churns (30 pack) Period: 2345 : In stock, order, £4.75

Pack of thirty 3D printed GWR milk churns, 10 in each of two styles of conical 17 gallon churns and ten of the latter straight sided 10 gallon churns.

UMP327: Window Cleaners and Builders Ladders In stock, order, £2.50

Set of window cleaners and builders ladders.

UMP328: Builders And Garden Tools In stock, order, £2.00
UMP329: Signal,Yard and Lamp Ladders Out of stock, £2.00
UMP330: Timber Pallets In stock, order, £2.00

A set of ten fold up 4ft square timber pallets.

UMP331: BR Brutes In stock, order, £3.00

Etch of four 'BRUTE' trolleys in nickel silver. Fold up and glue, no soldering required.