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Etched Pixels / Ultima N Gauge Catalogue 2021 LNER Locomotives


We are pleased to announce the release of our first steam locomotive kit. The GER/LNER F4/F5. This locomotive has been chosen for its long life (1884 into the 1960s) and because there is a complete lack of 2-4-2 locomotives in N gauge, despite it being a very common wheel arrangement for the period. The picture shows a super-detailed build by Gareth Collier.

The kit consists of a 3D printed shell combined with etched steps and fits a modified Dapol 14xx chassis, and an extra 7mm or so spoked axle. Suitable axles include those from the 'display' bogie provided with newer Bachmann locomotives.

The chassis modifications involve sawing through the end of the chassis and rearranging the wiring, so some experience is recommended.

Our initial release is three different versions of the locomotive

UMP3000G: GER/LNER F4/F5 as built Period: 2 : In stock, order, £17.95

One piece 3D printed body shell for a GER M15 (LNER F4) from the original batch as built in 1884.

UMP3000L1: GER/LNER F4/F5 in LNER condition Period: 234 : In stock, order, £17.95

This version of the kit has coal rails, and tank fillers.

UMP3000L2: GER/LNER F4/F5 in LNER condition Period: 234 : In stock, order, £17.95

The same detail as UMP3000L1 but also with condensing gear as fitted to some locomotives for working in the London area.

Cast Brass Option

We can supply the body in brass produced from a 3D printed lost wax master. This is considerably stronger and heavier but also very much more expensive and harder to drill for detailing. Enquire for details.