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Etched Pixels / Ultima N Gauge Catalogue 2018 Great Central Railway Coaches

The Great Central was the last trunk mainline route. Despite being very profitable and designed for high speed running it was closed in the Beeching cuts, removing what could have become one half of HS2 if more foresight had been shown.

The initial range of GCR coach kits is designed to help add some variety to the LNER and early British Rail workings. The kits combined 3D printed body shell and roof with two layer etched sides and ends plus etched and cast detailing parts.

Corridor Stock

UME1701: Corridor Brake Composite Period: 23 : Out of stock, £29.95

Matchboard Corridor Brake Composite of 1911

UME1702: Corridor Third Period: 234 : Out of stock, £29.95

Matchboard Corridor Third of 1911

Non Corridor Stock

Built for the London Extension suburban services these 60ft coaches followed the same design patterns as the corridor stock and the earlier 'Barnum' saloons.

The kits consist of a 3D printed body shell, compartment walls and roof (including rain-strips), etched sides and ends, etched underframe trussing, etched and white metal underframe detailing parts, 3D printed bogies with etched overlays and NEM style coupling pocket plus wheels.

You will need paint, glue and your choice of NEM coupling arms to complete the kits.

UME1730: Non-Corridor Third Period: 2345 : Out of stock, £29.95

Matchboard 60ft non-corridor third.

UME1731: Non-Corridor Composite Period: 2345 : In stock, order, £29.95

Matchboard non-corridor composite.

UME1732: Non-Corridor Brake Third Period: 2345 : In stock, order, £29.95

Matchboard non corridor brake third.

UME1733: Non-Corridor First Period: 234 : In stock, order, £29.95

Matchboard non corridor first.