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Etched Pixels / Ultima N Gauge Catalogue 2018 Introduction

Etched Pixels started off producing detailing parts and a range of pre-grouping four and six wheel coaches, filling a huge gap in the market. As a producer of coach kits when an opportunity arose to acquire Ultima it was an obvious fit.

Ultima itself has a long pedigree. It was founded by Colin Allbright (now at Bachmann) in the 1980s and inherited products from Cav'n'dish and other early vendors along the way. Ultima was put up for sale and faded away before being bought by Etched Pixels and Yate Models and then becoming entirely owned by Etched Pixels.

Since the takeover we have tried to remain true to the original aims of Ultima, and to produce the products in the same fashion as before, while introducing a few new items along the way. Technology however moves on and there are some parts and processes that are no longer commercially viable or can only be done at high volumes in China. There are also new technologies such as 3D print opening up alternatives.

We have tried to make as much of the former Ultima range available as possible. Some of the parts, in particular the printed sides and some of the plastic roofs are no longer easily run and inevitably some products will disappear over the next few years.

I hope you find the catalogue useful. Today's catalogue is built using ePub tools and CSS style-sheets. I am grateful to Mike Fallows whose Seneca style forms the basis of the styles for this catalogue. Being electronic also makes updates and corrections easy, so please report errors and confusing material or make suggestions for information that is missing but would have been helpful.

Alan Cox