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Etched Pixels / Ultima N Gauge Catalogue 2021 Locomotive Nameplates & Cab-side Plates

A small range of boards and plates requested and not available elsewhere. These are not pre-painted. Coat with primer, then paint the base colour of the nameplate (usually red), when the paint is dry file gently across the surface to reveal the name in metal.

Nameplates only, no depot crest. Set of three (one spare), or four (one of each spare) where the two sides differ. Supplied uncoloured.

Cab numberplates are supplied in threes (one spare)


NAM03: Blank Headboard Plate Out of stock, £1.50

Blank headboard plates, single bracket sized. As used for boards such as the 'Bristol Bluebirds'. Set of four. Can either be painted to colour or decalled with actual headboard images.

NAM22: Headboard for the Atlantic Coast Express Out of stock, £1.50

Headboard for 'Atlantic Coast Express'

Diesel/Electric Era Nameplates

NAM05: Nameplates for 08483 - Dusty Out of stock, £1.50
NAM31: Cabside Plates For 08993 Ashburnham Out of stock, £1.50
NAM48: Nameplates for D7541 "The Diana" Out of stock, £1.50

Name plates to fit the Farish 25

NAM19: Nameplates for 37229 Jonty Jarvis Out of stock, £1.50
NAM06: Nameplates for 37411 Caerphilly Castle/Castell Caerffili Out of stock, £1.50
NAM07: Nameplates for 37417 Richard Trevithick Out of stock, £1.50
NAM01: Nameplates for 37422 Cardiff Canton Out of stock, £1.50
NAM08: Nameplates for 37426 Y Lein Fach/Vale of Rheiddol Out of stock, £1.50
NAM09: Nameplates for 37688 Kingsmore TMD Out of stock, £1.50
NAM10: Nameplates for 37702 Taff Merthyr Out of stock, £1.50
NAM11: Nameplates for 43139 Driver Stan Martin Out of stock, £1.50
NAM18: Nameplates for 45053 The Kings Own Royal Border Regiment Out of stock, £2.50

With generic crest

NAM23: Nameplates for 45112 The Royal Army Ordnance Corps Out of stock, £2.50

With generic crest, no spare

NAM12: Nameplates for 47503/47771 The Geordie Out of stock, £1.50
NAM13: Nameplates for 47603 County Of Somereset Out of stock, £1.50
NAM04: Nameplates for 59204 Vale Of Glamorgan Out of stock, £1.50
NAM14: Nameplates for 86901 Chief Engineer Out of stock, £1.50
NAM15: Nameplates for 86902 Railway Vehicle Engineering Out of stock, £1.50
NAM16: Nameplates for 90007 Sir John Betjeman Out of stock, £1.50
NAM17: Nameplates for Metropolitan Electric Sarah Siddons Out of stock, £1.50

Steam Locomotive Nameplates

NAM37: Nameplates for LNER 1244/61244 Strang Steel Out of stock, £2.00
NAM46: Nameplates for ex LNER 1306 Mayflower Out of stock, £1.50
NAM47: Nameplates for LNWR Prince of Wales 'Mark Twain' Out of stock, £2.00

Name and number plates to fit the Union Mills release.

NAM49: Nameplates for "Blue Peter" Out of stock, £1.50

Nameplates for 60532 "Blue Peter"

GWR Numbers

NAM36: Pack of 8 GWR tender plates Out of stock, £2.00
NAM34: Cabside Plates for GWR 35 Out of stock, £1.50
NAM32: Cabside Plates for GWR 93 Out of stock, £1.50
NAM33: Cabside Plates for GWR 95 Out of stock, £1.50
NAM50: Cabside plates for GWR 1143 Out of stock, £1.50
NAM20: Cabside Plates for GWR 1369 Out of stock, £1.50
NAM24: Cabside Plates for GWR 1420 Out of stock, £1.50
NAM39: Cabside Plates for GWR 1712 Out of stock, £1.50
NAM25: Cabside Plates for GWR 1935 Out of stock, £1.50
NAM29: Cabside Plates for GWR 2221 Out of stock, £1.50
NAM30: Cabside Plates for GWR 2573 Out of stock, £1.50
NAM41: Cabside Plates for GWR 2721 Out of stock, £1.50
NAM40: Cabside Plates for GWR 2793 Out of stock, £1.50
NAM38: Cabside Plates for GWR 3207 Out of stock, £1.50
NAM27: Cabside Plates for GWR 3589 Out of stock, £1.50
NAM42: Cabside Plates for GWR 4612 Out of stock, £1.50
NAM21: Cabside Plates for GWR 5525 Out of stock, £1.50
NAM43: Cabside Plates for GWR 5793 Out of stock, £1.50
NAM44: Cabside Plates for GWR 6732 Out of stock, £1.50
NAM28: Cabside Plates for GWR 7411 Out of stock, £1.50
NAM45: Cabside Plates for GWR 7772 Out of stock, £1.50
NAM26: Cabside Plates for GWR 9654 Out of stock, £1.50