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Etched Pixels / Ultima N Gauge Catalogue 2021 Locomotive Detailing

Steam Era

UM151: LMS locomotive fittings Out of stock, £1.75

LMS locomotive fittings, sand boxes, lubricators and plugs, two of each type (8 parts total).

UM323: Locomotive Shovels and Picks In stock, order, £2.00
DET18: A2 Smoke Deflectors In stock, order, £3.50

Pair of smoke deflectors for a class A2 locomotive. Etched in 5thou brass with fine edge and rivet detail.

UM295: Westinghouse Air Compressor In stock, order, £1.00

An 8" Westinghouse air compressor based upon LNER examples.

DET49: Toolboxes (10 pack) Period: 2345 : Out of stock, £3.00

Pack of ten 3D printed toolboxes of the kind often found on locomotives.

DET52: Tender coal rails Period: : Out of stock, £2.00

To match the Farish 4F

Modern Image

SHU02: 04 Side skirts & Cow Catchers In stock, order, £2.50

Side skirts and cow catchers for the Graham Farish by Bachmann class 04 diesel shunter. Designed to be easy to fit. No soldering or cutting of the original model is necessary. Supplied so it can be built with or without the couplings.

RAT05: Locomotive nose doors Out of stock, £2.50

One pair of nose doors with plated seams, one pair of original style, one pair of plated seams with Scottish style sealed beam lights, one pair of original style with sealed beam lights.

RAT06: Locomotive cab doors In stock, order, £2.50

Set of four cab door etches to help convert a Farish by Bachmann class 24 into a 25/1, or with improving the look of the older Graham Farish, and Farish by Bachmann class 25/3.

DET01: Roof Mounted Antenna In stock, order, £2.00

As used on our Coradia conversion kit. Set of four.

DET06: Small & Thin Shunter Steps In stock, order, £2.00

Thin steps designed to fit the BH Enterprises Class 05 kit and provide sufficient motion clearance to fit the kit onto the Bachmann Farish class 04 chassis.

DET11: New FGW HST Nose Grille and Lights Period: 9 : In stock, order, £1.00

Pair of new style HST nose grille/light overlays for the refurbished HST lighting with two lamps each side of the grille. To fit the Graham Farish/Farish by Bachmann HST power cars.

DET12: HST style Sun Shields Period: 89 : Out of stock, £1.00

Fine etched outlines to stick inside the windows of the Farish HST to represent the distinctive sunshield seen through the cab windows.

DET21: 150 Mixed Headcode Discs In stock, order, £7.50

Bulk pack of headcode discs, 50 open, 100 closed as a bulk pack. Designed for those who detail a lot of locomotives.

DET24: Class 22 Bogie Sideframes In stock, order, £5.00

A set of etches to produce bogie side frames to provide correct bogies for the Nthusiast Resprays and Worsley Works class 22. Each pack contains enough side frames for one locomotive.

DET28: Class 40 Roof Grilles Out of stock, £2.00

Pack of two replacement etched roof grilles for a class 40 locomotive.

DET29: Class 50 Roof Grilles In stock, order, £2.00

Pack of two replacement etched roof grilles for a class 50 locomotive.

DET30: Original Warship Replacement Roof Grilles Out of stock, £2.00

Replacement fine etched roof fan grilles for the Worsley Works etched Warship kit.

DET31: DMU detail kit Out of stock, £1.75

An etch contaning windscreen wipers, nose lamp overlay etches and a two digit headcode box overlay. Intended for detailing the old Farish 101 but suitable for many other projects.

DET32: Peak Split-box Headcodes Out of stock, £2.00

Fold up split-box headcode boxes to help convert the Bachmann Farish peak into the split headcode variants. Set of four

DET33: Class 27 Detailing Etch In stock, order, £2.50

Detailing parts for the Heritage N/Its-N-Gauge class 27 resin kit. The etch consists of: replacement roof fan grille, square roof radio pods, cab bogie steps, windscreen wipers, snowploughs, nose door, lights (early high intensity lighting), extra small circular bodyside grilles for the 27/2.

DET34: Class 24 Detailing Etch In stock, order, £2.50

Detailing/updating parts for the Graham Farish by Bachmann class 24/0. The etch contains the following. Replacement roof grille and fan, fold up headcode boxes for 24/1 and 25/0 conversions, early round exhaust grille, alternate battery box doors, Inverness slatted steam boiler grilles, nose door lights (early high intensity lighting), plates for bodyside steps.

The photograph shows a professionally built Class 24/1 conversion by Mercig Studios using this kit.

DET35: Class 26 Roof Grille In stock, order, £1.50

Replacement etched roof grille designed for the TPM class 26 kit.

DET37: Class 02 End Rails In stock, order, £1.50

An etch of the end rails on the class 02 'Yorkie' diesel shunter. Designed to be used with the Worsley Works Class 02 scratch aid bodyshell.

DET38: Class 41 Bodyside Grilles In stock, order, £3.00

Fine grille overlays for the Worsley Works class 41 warship. These are designed to lift the model by overlaying the flat grilles on the etched kit with raised grilles and bodyside door.

DET39: Class 27 Roof Grille In stock, order, £1.50

Etched main roof fan grille for the Its-N-Gauge/Heritage N class 27.

DET40: Class 24 Alternative Slatted Grilles In stock, order, £1.00

A pair of slatted grilles as fitted to 24127

DET44: Class 44 Roof Grille In stock, order, £1.50

Etched main roof fan grille for a class 44 diesel.

DET45: Class 45/46 Roof Grille In stock, order, £1.50

Etched main roof fan grille for a class 45/46 diesel.

DET47: Class 03 funnel In stock, order, £1.50

Replacement fatter white metal exhaust funnel for the Graham Farish class 03.

UM195: 2mm airhorns, pack of four Out of stock, £2.00
DET50: Warship headcode discs Out of stock, £3.00

Set of headcode discs and train reporting number frame for backdating a Bachmann Farish warship. Very delicate parts.