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Ultima Pro is here.

Combining pre-assembled high quality Dapol RTR bogies, polished 3D printed shells and etched sides for high detail quality, flush glazing and finish in a single easy to assemble solder-free kit.


Owing to Brexit uncertaintly and simply not knowing what items will be viable in a couple of months time you'll notice a lot is out of stock. In addition pending anything definite we will cease accepting non UK orders on Feb 14th.

Most 3D print based products will not be restocked after Brexit. Shapeways prices are going up steeply, and that plus the extra paperwork and duty/vat payments plus the outrageous 'processing' fees couriers charge for import processing will make them non viable.

New Items

LSWR conversion roof for generic coaches
Fits the generic Farish coaches to give an LSWR 1900s profile and feel to the coaches.
WIA Arbel
WIA Arbel articulated car carrier.
"Knotty" Four Wheel Coaches
A small range of four wheel 'knotty' coach bodies

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